Fully Funded Max Planck Summer Internship Program 2022 in Germany

Max Planck Summer Internship Program in Germany gives students a chance to work in a professional environment and prepares them for a better future.

The Max Planck internship 2022 aims to provide students with a platform where they can apply their theoretical knowledge. Having a fully-funded internship for international students is a great opportunity. One of them is free lab space at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology for Max Planck interns. A world-class mentor and kab attendant help the talented students broaden their understanding and learning.

Max Planck Summer Internship


  • Having a fully-funded internship for international students is a great opportunity.
  • The ten-week full-time internship includes lab work, hiking, sports, PhD activities, institute summer parties, and in-house lectures.
  • Both institutes are on the Life Science Campus Martinsried, on the outskirts of Munich.
  • Interns will receive a monthly stipend of around 800 Euros.
  • The interns’ lodging will be covered.
  • Interns’ travel expenses will be covered by Max Planck internship grants.

The fully-funded summer internship in Europe in 2022 is for students who are passionate about making a difference in the world through research and innovation. Students from all over the world can apply for internships at Max Planck Societies and start their careers with a bang. The ten-week full-time internship includes lab work, hiking, sports, PhD activities, institute summer parties, and in-house lectures.

The language barrier is one of the major obstacles for international students studying or interning in Germany. In this case, students will have an advantage because both collaborative institutes will use English as their working language. Above all else, the institute’s surroundings offer a rich cultural and natural experience. Both institutes are located on the Life Science Campus Martinsried, just outside of Munich. The stunning Bavarian Alps are nearby. All of these reasons are enough for a potential MaxSIP 2022 candidate to apply in Germany and work towards a better future.

UniversityInternational Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS)
Study LevelUndergraduates
Deadline10 February 2022

Projects will be available in structural, computational, developmental, cellular, molecular, biophysics, and neurobiology. You can choose up to three of our research groups.

Research groups who are accepting interns in 2022:

MPI of Biochemistry:
Elena Conti(link is external)
Jürgen Cox(link is external)
F.-Ulrich Hartl(link is external)
Jürg Müller(link is external)
Peter Murray(link is external)
Petra Schwille(link is external)
Kikuë Tachibana(link is external)
Wolfgang Zachariae(link is external)

MPI of Neurobiology:
Herwig Baier(link is external)
Thomas Frank(link is external)
Rüdiger Klein(link is external)
Jörgen Kornfeld(link is external)
Émilie Macé(link is external)

Scholarship Description

  • Interns will receive a stipend of around 800 Euros per month.
  • The interns’ housing will be paid for.
  • The Max Planck internship grants will cover the interns’ travel expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be international students.
  • Undergraduates must be trained in related fields such as biology, chemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, and neuroscience.
  • A research experience is required for bachelor and master students.
  • During the internship, applicants must be enrolled in university.
  • To graduate in 2022, students must have finished their degree.

How to Apply

  • The applicants must register online.
  • Application portal for MaxSIP, invite two referees.
  • Applicants must pick three research groups from the list.
  • Applicants do not need to contact the lab heads.
  • Provide all required documents and submit your application before the deadline.

Scholarship Documents

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Degree certificate (if applicable)
  • Provisional transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Letter of motivation
  • A language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL).

Last Date for Apply 10 February 2022

MaxSIP application platform will open
January 1st, 2022.

Deadline of application:
February 15th, 2022 (24:00 CET)

Deadline for registrations:
February 10th, 2022 (20:00 CET)

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