Otto Koenigsberger Scholarship at University College London, United Kingdoms

Designation/Position- Otto Koenigsberger Scholarship

University College London, United kingdoms invites application for Otto Koenigsberger Scholarship for eligible and interested candidates

About- Otto Koenigsberger was a distinguished and internationally recognised practitioner and teacher whose practical and responsive approach to urban planning reoriented development planning work in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. He was also the founder and first director of the Development Planning Unit.

In 1953, a conference was held at UCL on architecture and planning in the tropical developing countries of the Global South. The Architectural Association School of Architecture in London then launched an annual 6-month Postgraduate Diploma course in tropical architecture. It was first led by Maxwell Fry and then Otto Koenigsberger. 

Over the following decade the Diploma course developed in response to the rapidly changing scene in the Global South. To reflect this, the Department changed its name to Development and Tropical Studies in 1968 and in 1969 the Diploma in Urban Development Planning was launched.  In 1971, it moved to UCL, changing its name to The Development Planning Unit (DPU) and Koenigsberger became the first University of London Professor of Urban Development. 

Research/Job Area- postgraduate study at MSc level

Location- University College London, United kingdoms


Applicants must

  • be classified as an overseas student and be commencing full-time study for a Master’s degree in the Development Planning Unit
  • hold and have accepted an unconditional offer of a place at DPU.

The award covers partial remission of tuition fees and applicants must provide satisfactory written evidence of funding the balance of their tuition fees and their living expenses.

Job/Position Description- 

The purpose of the OKS is to support overseas candidates of the highest calibre for postgraduate study at MSc level, in the expectation that as graduates, these scholars will make important contributions to urban development by drawing on the strengths of the international perspective and leading position of the DPU in the development field.

How to Apply- 

Further details here (link)

Last Date for Apply– 28 February 2021

See Position Details 

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