Sheila Sherlock Post-graduate Fellowship for International Students in Europe

Designation/Position- Sheila Sherlock Post-graduate Fellowship

invites application for Sheila Sherlock Post-graduate Fellowship from eligible and interested candidates

About- Prof. Dame Sheila Sherlock started out in in the 1940s in hepatology when it was barely a field. She was a main driver for the forging of hepatology and, in a career spanning 60 years, became one of the world’s most famous names in clinical science.

Sheila Sherlock Post-graduate Fellowship



  • Sheila Sherlock Post-graduate Fellowship.
  • EASL is committed to fostering the next generation of excellence in hepatology.
  • This two-year full-time fellowship provides:base salary funding of EUR 60,000 per yearmobility allowance of EUR 500 per monthfamily allowance of €500 per month for eligible candidates.
  • The fellowship runs every year from 30 September to 15 December.

Study level-  Master’s Degree

Location- Europe


  • You’re a promising, newly qualified postgraduate researcher, keen to expand your field of research.
  • What’s more, you’re equipped and ready to develop your independent research career. You already have a PhD and/or an MD to your name, and no more than two years of postgraduate research experience, so you’re ready for the next challenge.
  • You’re living anywhere in the world, but angling to study further at a European centre, different to your home institution.
  • By joining EASL, you’re committing to your future, to securing opportunities to shine, to creating change in your field, and to building relationships with your peers.

Job/Position Description- 

The Post-graduate fellowship Sheila Sherlock, established in 2017, runs every year. It serves to meet your research and study needs. This two-year full-time fellowship provides:

  • base salary funding of EUR 60,000 per year
  • mobility allowance of EUR 500 per month
  • family allowance of EUR 500 per month for eligible candidates

How to Apply- 

Please consult the application criteria carefully.

EASL is committed to fostering the next generation of excellence in hepatology, making sure it becomes diverse, too. We’re looking forward to choosing the next Sheila Sherlock Fellows. Will you be one of them?

Last Date for Apply15 December 2021

30 September to 15 December, every year. Save the date, so you can plan ahead.

See Position Details- 

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