Study abroad: Don’t forget to pack these five must-haves!

Study abroad tips: For many, studying abroad is a dream that has come and gone. For others, studying abroad is something that they aspire to.

The thought of going away to a new place, a new culture and experiencing a new way of living attracts lots of new students every year.

Studying abroad can be exciting, and there is nothing quite like it. However, if you are thinking about studying abroad, you should keep a few things in mind.

Plan early

It would be best if you always planned early when studying abroad. It would help if you started researching and deciding which countries you want to study in at least three months before you want to go away. The reason for this is that many countries require you to have a certain amount of qualifications and experience before they will issue you with a student visa. If you are serious about studying abroad, you need to get your application in as early as possible.


Research is crucial to studying abroad. Researching the cost of living, where the best universities are, and what to do while you are over there is invaluable. It would be best if you always made a plan as to how you will manage your money while you are studying abroad and where you are going to stay.

Get proper insurance

It would help if you always got proper insurance before you go. Having insurance overseas is important. Usually, if you have health insurance at home, you will be able to use your health insurance while you are overseas. However, different policies have different levels of coverage, and you may find yourself on a higher bill than you expected. Having insurance means that you do not have to worry about that.

Have a backup plan

If you are going abroad to study, you cannot predict what the weather will do. You have no control over the weather. So, you must have a backup plan. Ensure that your plan includes somewhere you can go if necessary, somewhere you can go if your accommodation is not the best or if you have any problems.

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Pack lightly

Packing lightly is key. Make sure that you only pack the essentials. You will probably want clothes that you can wear for various things. Make sure that you have clothes that are comfortable and easy to change. Make sure that you pack clothes that dry quickly.

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Pack your essentials

Make sure that you pack all the essentials. You should have a first aid pack. You should have some toiletries. You should have some lightweight binoculars. You should have some money. It would be best to take a charger for your phone and your tablet.

Most importantly, have some fun!

Above all else, make sure that you have fun! Going away to study is exciting. Your new environment is going to teach you so much. It is something that you will always remember. You will meet so many people from different countries and cultures. You will learn new things about yourself.

Going away to study is not always easy. However, it is an experience that will change your life.

In this blog post, I have listed the best study abroad essentials! Make sure that you are prepared before departure—both in your university and host locations before leaving. You may want to take note, as packed bags can come in handy while on holiday! Pack these top five must-haves with you when traveling to a foreign country as an essential study abroad travel accessory.



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